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Meet the new phone, same as the old phone

So Monday was pretty much full of sleeplessness and fail; got to bed too late, up too early, napped after I got back from statistics class and a hair cut, and when I got up threw pretty much all my clothes in the laundry. Unfortunately I discovered a few minutes later when I went to check my blood sugar that I'd left my phone in my pants. Cue panicked rush to laundry room, rummaging through wet laundry, and recovery of phone, which was dripping...I took it apart, tried to dry it out as best I could with microfiber towel and paper towels, and finally got some rice to bag it up with, but I'm pretty sure it's bricked.

Fortunately, there are still a lot of WebOS phones available on eBay and Amazon, and I thought it reasonable to upgrade to a Pre if I could since all the Touchstone gear I picked up in firesales for the Pixi also fits the Pre. That turned out to be unnecessary, since when I stopped in at the Annandale Sprint store to see what I could get for a two-year contract extension* I lucked out and found out they still had some new Pixis in inventory. Which were free with a two-year extension. \m/\m/ So I was back in the (cellphone) saddle within 24 hours. Sprint, I love you, never change.

HP, on the other hand... . This nonsense about staying the course is not what I wanted to hear from Meg Whitman, who doesn't seem to have any more of a clue about what to do with the company than her predecessor. Well, we'll see how this all works out.

The rest of this week has gone somewhat better than Monday. Did really well on the marketing quiz yesterday, and I think I did all right on the statistics test. Need to practice more with the HP financial calculator, which does stats but...oddly. Well, it looks odd to me after all these years of doing stats in Excel. Also, I used part of my leftover student loan money to pick up a netbook from Amazon, on which I will install Nook Study so I can take my Marketing and Business Law books to class. I would have been happy to buy a Nook Color tablet instead, but for some asinine reason B&N hasn't come up with a Nook Study app for Android, just Windows and Mac OS. Dumb, dumb, dumb...or they figure most kids already have laptops. Who knows. One thing I do know: not selling the Kindle just because I can run the Kindle software on the netbook; the Kindle is still smaller and lighter (and thus easier to carry) than the netbook, so it's still going to get carried around a lot.
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