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A good day at the ballpark

Went down to Fan Appreciation Day, having obtained a cheap ticket, and it was a good game. Maybe not as good as 2009's Fan Appreciation Day, but I'll take a tense pitching duel capped by a couple of dingers against the Hated Braves as being just as good. A win's a win, after all, and there's a chance that if the Nats sweep the Fish this week...but no. Let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

It was hot and unpleasantly muggy all afternoon, with only the occasional limp breeze sneaking into the stadium; they claim the wind was in from the Anacostia at 3 mph, but it didn't feel or smell like it. So I drank a lot and cursed the Nationals for not having all the vendors confirm to the Coke BOGO they'd been bleating about all week. I got my souvenir T-shirt, which may actually fit me by this time next year if I can get back on the weight loss glide slope, and was given a Breast Cancer Awareness cap for no reason I could see. Well, whatever. I didn't hang around to try and catch some of the stuff being thrown into the stands, but considering how crowded the Metro was on the way out of the Navy Yard station maybe I should have - or at least pulled up a chair and a water bottle and done some more reading. Not sure if trying to park near the stadium would have been better but since I couldn't afford it, it's really not worth speculating about.

Going to hold off on doing a season wrap-up post until I get this year's STATS book, I think.
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