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This week has been pretty rough, and even though objectively I know I've gotten stuff done, here I am on Friday night thinking "What a waste of time this week was."

Missed one marketing class on account of instructor coming down with Swedish Death Flu or something, and one statistics class because the instructor was off doing...stuff. I don't know. Might as well have had class since I wound up meeting with my group to talk about the annoyingly vague project instructions and how we're going to make our database (DC/MD/VA unemployment numbers over the last decade) into an appropriately impressive chart with means, modes, medians, and all that other cool statistical stuff. Interesting trivia: our female group member is one of the handful of Koreans not surnamed Kim, Lee or Park. And to think I thought she was Mongolian. vOv

When I wasn't studying, sleeping, in class or otherwise performing acts of self-maintenance, I re-read Dies The Fire, The Protector's War, and A Meeting At Corvallis. I wonder if the last three novels of the Emberverse will be more like these, now that the quest that takes up the middle three novels is over.

Since HP's new CEO, Meg Whitman, hasn't yet reversed her dip-shit predecessor's decision on WebOS yet, you can find a lot of odds and ends for the phones and TouchPad for cheap. I picked up a spare battery, recharger/USB cable, and Touchstone recharger with case, since the Pixi's factory-applied rubberized back had been peeling off for a while and making the phone act weird. Had to take the Pixi into the local Sprint store to have the new case put on, since I have ten thumbs and can't understand simple pictorial directions, but they were cool about it and didn't charge me.

Not sure whether today's sluggishness is due to the return of the monsoons with fall, sleep cycle fuckery, or something trying to eat my leg. Thinking about going to Fan Appreciation Day on Sunday if I can score a cheap seat; it would have been good to see the Nats reprise their 2009 four-game sweep of the Hated Braves that ended that year's home season, but after tonight's 7-5 loss, that's not happening. I'll settle for a win on Sunday. And maybe some player autographs, since it's autograph Sunday.

...and now, your 4:23 of ZenJUCHE!

(h/t misterfuffie on e2)
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