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Why so surprised?

Apparently everyone is SHOCKED that the mild-mannered professor at Cal State Berdoo ran a biker gang and sold meth. Neighbors, co-workers, parents...nobody had a clue.

Think about it for a second. Think about the stereotype drug dealer - skeevy, probably a black or a Chicano or some kind of white trash, the kind of person that couldn't look or act bourgie if their life depended on it. If you were seriously considering getting into the recreational chemicals trade, wouldn't you want to get as far away from that image as possible? What better cover than to be a quiet, home-owning member of the middle class who always kept his grass mowed and his shrubberies trimmed? Who had occasional quiet parties that the cops never got called to? Even belonging to a motorcycle club (if it's the right kind of club) is a respectable thing these days, when lawyers and realtors and all kinds of rich folks ride Harleys.

This guy was just practicing good security - in a bad cause, I'll grant you, but he was doing just about everything he could to stay below the radar. Odds are he's already started a new career in a new town with a different name, and they won't find him for decades, if at all.

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