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Why do you tease me, HP?

Oh, HP, you so crazy. Has anyone checked the water supply at the corporate headquarters lately? As God is my witness, I wish HP would sell the Palm/WebOS part of the company to Samsung. I have a hard time believing the Koreans could do a worse job, especially since they have a pretty heavy incentive to make it work. Well, we'll see what happens; there appear to be a number of the 64GB models available on Amazon, of all places, but $300 is still a bit pricy for my budget.

Second Marketing class this morning; I reckon I'll be spending the rest of the day on homework, textbook purchases, and miscellaneous errands. I took a leap of faith and downloaded the text, which required me to first download BN's Nook Study software, which annoyingly enough is not the same as the regular Nook software. Seems to work well enough, and renting the book in electronic form is saving me quite a bit while also sparing me the hassle of disposing of the book after this semester. As tablets become cheaper, I see this becoming a big profit center for BN, but as with regular books, I expect they're probably going to continue selling a buttload of dead-tree editions as well.

Time to saddle up and head off to class.
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