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The State Fair, Samsung, Statistics, and all that

So yesterday was the first day of class in Marketing and Business Law (now there's a natural progression, heh) and both courses ought to be high speed, low drag - just bang the rocks together in a timely manner and knock stuff off as it comes along. No sweat. This morning, statistics, which ought to be interesting since I don't think I've done any work with statistics in ten years.

The leg has stopped draining huge quantities of lymph fluid and is now into the OMG ITCHING stage of healing. Going to stop and pick up a box of abdominal pads on the way back from class anyway. Just in case.

Today's Bleat reminded me that while there are many things I hated about Minnesota, the State Fair was definitely not one of them. There's something for everyone there, and it is, in its own way, quite magical and well worth the time. The food, even the food that you can get for far less money just about anywhere else, tastes better there, and despite one's determination not to come home with fifty pounds of useless krep, you wind up with a bag full of handouts and samples anyway. Because you don't want to disappoint people. #^__^# Also, this Bleat about rocks and malls and parenting is a good summary of all the reasons I love James Lileks. He's just concentrated awesome, and I hope he never loses that sense of wonder.

Obligatory HP/Palm blogging: if HP CEO Apotheker were trying to destroy the company, what, exactly, would he be doing differently? (One hears the same line of argument concerning the President, especially in discussions about whether he's simply inept or a Cloward-Piven memebot.)
Maybe Samsung, bedeviled by Apple's lawsuits that are hamstringing its Galaxy Tab sales, will pick up WebOS and relaunch the orphaned Pre3 and TouchPad.
Gadfly John Dvorak thinks HP should just let WebOS go open source, but he ignores the fact that HP never gives anything away. Never.
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