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That's it?

Wow, what a bunch of hype that was. I gather Jersey got smacked pretty hard, but down here in Alexandria all Irene brought us was what seemed like twelve hours straight of rain and a little bit of wind. Some of my friends in the area lost power, and for that matter it went out here overnight, but when I got up at 0500 it was back. Since then the internet has been a little flaky, but that's okay. The sun is out, and I expect with a high of 80 tomorrow I can leave the windows open and let the place air out a little.

My legs are healing up right nicely, though I'm still feeling pretty washed out. Well, that's what antibiotics do, after all; they make you too tired to NOT rest.

This webcomic sums up how most people feel about the media, I think, quite aside from questions of political bias. It's a pretty decent strip, even if the creator is prone to and more .

Apparently the new generation staffing Detour doesn't understand how insurance and risk pooling work, which I guess isn't too surprising after a couple of decades of people hollering "Health Care is a RIGHT!". I feel for the guy who got turned down for being a Type 1 diabetic, but really, he should have seen that coming. Ditto with his belated discovery that Obamacare's pre-existing condition "protection" doesn't kick in until 2014. I think what he really needs is an HSA and a catastrophic coverage policy, if they're still allowed to sell such things in Minnesota. but meh. The level of pig-headed ignorance and gratuitous corporation-bashing in that FB thread is way too high for me to deal with.

Well, time for me to do the weekend web stuff for Stacy and then go back to bed, I think.


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Aug. 30th, 2011 09:21 pm (UTC)
I feel it was pretty unnecessary to associate Detour with this. Just saying.
Aug. 30th, 2011 09:46 pm (UTC)
Without using the person's name, which I didn't care to do even if (or maybe because) he's not on LJ, it would have been extremely difficult to describe the people I was talking about without referencing the convention. That having been said, I understand your objection. It was not intended to be a slur on the convention itself, and anyone prone to taking it that way is no doubt already unhappy with me anyway.
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