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Obligatory post-deadline baseball post

Well, the Nationals are back in the cellar in the NL East, and my Aces are tied for third in their Yahoo! fantasy league. The latter is somewhat of a surprise to me; I wound up drafting a buttload of catchers this season and thereby wound up with a team more to my liking: lots of sluggers and good pitching, as opposed to the speedy offense and indifferent pitching I seem to get in most seasons.

The Nationals...well, perhaps predictably, trading Justin Maxwell to the Yankees has come back to bite the team in the ass, as Roger Bernadina wasn't quite up to the task of replacing Ankiel when the latter went on the DL for a few days. I love me some Sharkness, and think the Nats sending him to AAA is just retarded, but I'm not Mike Rizzo. Less Wang and more Shark, plz. The idea of Ankiel being a long-term solution would be hilarious if it wasn't so dumb.

Even with that nonsense going on, the defense has tightened up considerably since last year, the pitching is definitely better as a consequence, and as a result the team is giving the Fish and Mets a run for their money this year. We're only two games out of third, and have a good chance of making it back to .500, which would probably be good enough for third place in the East.

So far I haven't made it out to any games this season, either downtown or at any of the local minor league parks, and with my financial situation pretty badly screwed, I don't expect that to change. Almost as bad, the schedule I'm on during the week keeps me from following the Nats on the radio since I'm usually snoozing by the time the games are on at night and I never remember to switch the radio to the game when there's a day game. :(

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