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a.f.u. no Breakfast - SUCCESS!

So I got a decent night's sleep before waking up, showering, and grabbing coffee before heading up to Baltimore again, this time to meet up with Mark & DQ for the annual breakfast at Otakon. For the second year in a row, only Mark was actually attending Otakon, although next year DQ and I may be showing up for the convention along with a couple of other alt.fan.utena vets. Breakfast was of course at the Blue Moon, as has been our habit for these last three years, but if those other folks show up, we may be finding some other venue that is a tad more roomy and doesn't make us wait quite so long for our coffee & eggage. I objected to this move on the grounds of Tradition but was outnumbered. :(

After breakfast, DQ took Mark back to the convention and I headed out of town, looking for someplace to hang out for a few hours before visiting my friend O and her older sister, who were expecting me around 1300. We got caught up on stuff and I wound up leaving around 1700, refueling the truck in Beltsville and myself in Greenbelt before heading home. I'll be heading to bed soon; I have the Rule 5 post to do at Stacy's tomorrow, and I also want to get some studying done before heading off to retrieve Mark and take him back to Virginia Beach. Hopefully that won't be affected by another hideous tie-up at the 301 bridge like the one that hosed us on the way up.

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