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400 Miles In The Saddle

Well, it was sorta fun, but I have to scream now...or get more sleep. Or something. I think.
Followed through on a commitment made to my buddy Mark to drive him up to Otakon yesterday, which would be no big deal if it weren't for the fact that he lives in the faraway, exotic land of Virginia Beach. I had just enough gas to get down there; he filled my tank at the local Wawa* and we took off for Baltimore. I'd decided to take 301 instead of I-95 north, since it was more direct, and this would have been a good idea if somebody hadn't had their car burst into flames on the bridge across the Potomac. So what should have been a three or four-hour drive (including periodic stops for hydration/excretion) wound up taking seven, to say nothing of the drive back to Alexandria from Baltimore, which went a lot quicker than it normally seems to.

Going to mostly stay inside today and (hopefully) get caught up on the studying I wasn't doing yesterday. May go swimming. Will definitely go out to check the fluid level in the Toaster's radiator, as it was not happy having to idle in traffic yesterday at all. :(

Any roads, since I've finished my Friday linkagery duties, I think I'm going back to bed for a couple of hours and try this waking up thing again after I've had a little more sleep. After spending twelve hours on the road yesterday, six hours of sleep is just not enough.

*Wawa is pretty much the same thing as Sheetz except they have a different funny name, different but slightly overlapping territory, and no loyalty program.

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