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How thoughtful!

It seems that it was only last month that the Drone Region Russians, elite PVPers Pandemic Legion, neo-Nazis Ev0ke and their little friends EWOK, and NC. finished tearing apart the Northern Coalition, which I suppose was a good object lesson in why it's a bad idea to sell supercapitals on the open market...anyway, the proximate cause of that war was that the Northern Coalition was this massive blob of blues, and didn't provide enough ~goodfights~ for the 1337 PVPers. Sure enough, once NC was history and the less useless parts of the NC joined Goonswarm, this blobby coalition of anti-blobbers went after Goonswarm and its allies, this exposing themselves to be a bunch of silly-ass hypocrites.

Things came to a head late last week when PL, Ev0ke and company dropped four staging POSes in our home system of VFK, incapped the station, placed Sovereignty Blockade Units, and kicked back in their POS with much . Other faggots attacked DKUK, a refinery system several jumps from VFK where Goonswarm likes to build supercaps of its own.

Sticking around was their first mistake. Goons quickly bubbled every jump gate and enemy POS with warp interdiction bubbles (a/k/a rapecages, because of what usually happens to hostile ships that run into bubbles) and formed a massive home defense fleet to man the rapecages. Any hostile that stuck its nose out of its POS was immediately tackled and killed, or caught on one of the gates trying to escape, where it was likewise tackled and killed. This went on all weekend, and as I write this, all the hostile POS have been destroyed, which means the enemy can't log in safely: if they do log in, they will be trapped in the bubbles and massacred. All those expensive hi-tech ships. Mmmm.

As usual, I miss all the good kills since I can't stay up until all hours during the week, and am usually studying during the day. Woe is me. I did manage to get into a fleet on Sunday, but instead of massacring hapless enemies, we wound up shooting a couple of SBU. So at least I'm on a couple of killmails. *shrug*

What I find truly amusing is that right now, our enemies have blown a lot of money on supercapitals - titans and supercarriers, which are damned hard to kill even if you have numeric parity - and don't have much in the way of competent subcapital ships except for strategic cruisers, which are hella expensive and have been getting slaughtered of late by our battleship fleets. Now, CCP has recognized that supercaps are hideously overpowered, and are getting ready to nerf them...and then, I think, there's going to be some piping hot revenge served up by Goons and their friends.
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