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Library gets and other stuff

All the copies of A Storm of Swords are checked out at the moment, but there was a copy of A Feast For Crows available, and since they cover the same time period in Martin's series that's okay. It's not like I'll be reading them out of sequence.

Also, Mervyn Peake's The Gormenghast Trilogy. This is one of those classics of fantasy that I just never got around to reading before, probably because this is the first time I've actually seen a copy in the library. Not sure how much I'm going to like it, but we'll see.

Also also, Matter by Iain Banks, one of the Culture novels; Eifelheim by Michael Flynn, and Maus by Art Spiegelman. Those ought to keep me busy for a while when I'm not on the computer/studying accounting.

Upgraded to Firefox 5.0, which does seem somewhat faster than 4.0, but has a distressing tendency to lock up while viewing Plonsky on FB. In addition, Foxytunes no longer works in version 5.0, but that's a minor annoyance.
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