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Good luck. Be well.

(link deleted because it goes nowhere now)

I wasn't a regular reader of Michelle's blog, even in the days when I could surf from work to my heart's content, sucking on the Big Internet Crack Pipe Wells shells out the big bucks for, but it was usually a place where you could get a good fix of Slutpublican coolness.

I don't know if I could ever do a post like the one I've linked to. Some things I think are for my close friends and family and nobody else, but I'm impressed when I see someone baring their heart to the world like this. This took balls.

EDIT 10/19/06: This marks the point at which things kind of fell apart for Michelle and then came back together differently later. A Small Victory went away, which is why this link died, and in its place we got this site, which is different and bigger and maybe better, but it's less Michelle, and I miss that. Life goes on anyway.
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