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I can't tell if they were born that way or affected by the cold

This was set off by a discussion on Facebook; I'm going to ignore that from here on out because I'm already at the point where I want to leave a comment that ends "also, fuck you" and I know it's mostly because I'm irritable from lack of sleep.

Apparently the Minnesota Legislature has passed a bill requiring photo ID at the polls, which all "right-thinking" people are "naturally" against because it's "oppression of the poor and minority communities" and all that other liberal feel-good bullshit. As you can clearly see, I have no patience with those arguments. We require photo IDs in this society for a whole range of things less important than voting. To claim that this law somehow discriminates against the poor is a sham argument that (strangely enough!) doesn't go away when the requirement is paired with free ID for the "underprivileged", as it was in Georgia and some other states I can't remember off the top of my head.

Minnesota right now has what may be the loosest voting laws in the country, and as a former election judge in an inner-city precinct, I saw them abused to hell and back. The law allows you to register on the same day you vote with no proof of ID - just have someone come in and vouch that yeah, you live at address X. No cross-checking to see if the address even exists, if you're already registered somewhere else, no documentation showing that you (or the voucher) actually live in the place you say you live in. It's an open invitation to massive vote fraud, and anyone who thinks it doesn't happen is either stupid thanks to genetics or has been out in the cold too long and frozen their damn brain cells. This is exactly the kind of horseshit the Founding Fathers warned against with their talk of "mobocracy"; this is why we have a republic and not a parliamentary democracy. It's enough to make you wish they'd kept property-based voting requirements so that the bourgeoisie would be in full unquestioned charge of the process. But no. Everyone must vote so that everyone can receive prizes from the taxpayers' pockets.

tl;dr: photo IDs are a good start.
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