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The wages of indolence

Or maybe sloth; I'm not too clear on the distinction...anyway, went in to the Government Center today to square away the ticket I got the Friday after Thanksgiving, and the outcome was that the hearing officer knocked the fine down to $73, which was really a $10 fine and $63 in various fees assessed by the state, which the hearing officer (good little union drone that she was) was careful to let me know was an imposition by the Governor and the Legislature that she couldn't reduce or waive. Well, they lowered my income tax, and if I'd renewed my tabs on time I wouldn't be paying the fine, so I can't beef about that.

I had originally intended to park at the P&R and take the bus or the LRT in, but instead of getting up at 5:30 I slept in until 6, which meant that I wound up driving downtown and parking in the ramp across from Government Center, unfortunately on the Armory side of the ramp where there's no elevator. Well, two flights of stairs up from the Skyway won't kill me, and I made it in to work at 8:35 even with the hearing, so it was all good.