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Easter weekend update

Some things are going well; others, not so much.

Good interview with the Accountemps staffing manager Wednesday. I'm giving them a couple of days to do background & reference checking before calling in on Monday, and am pretty sure they'll find something for me, especially since I scored an 81 on their General Accounting test. So apparently I've learned something from my year at NVCC.

That hasn't been matched with similar good results at the other end of my body. April has been a bad month for my weight; I hit a low point of 342 at the beginning of the month but it's been almost all backward since then with lots of dietary fail for various reasons. I'll be lucky to end the month at 350, which will be a 6-pound drop from where I'm at this morning - well, actually, luck will have nothing to do with it. It's going to require a lot of discipline and careful attention to what I eat and when. Clearly, the part of my brain that in other people can be relied on to keep them from eating when they're not hungry isn't working for me, and I need to keep to a somewhat consistent breakfast/lunch/dinner schedule.

School progresses. Had a good week in both the Government/Nonprofit Accounting and Auditing courses this week; I think I understand all of what was laid out in both of them and am hoping this trend continues through next week and the test.

Plans for today are to work on the management writing I need to do to finish the class by May 9 and head over to Holy Trinity for Good Friday Mass.
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