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hump day with extra lumps

Up until about 0200 studying for an accounting exam I thought was today (originally scheduled for last week on the syllabus, but I assumed it was pushed back because of the snow day in early February) and woke up at 0800 feeling like five flavors of crap. Called in sick, did more studying, went in for the test - and realized that the reason there was no class on the syllabus was because this is NVCC's spring break. So I get another week to study for this exam and the auditing exam.

Downloaded For Lack Of A Better Name by deadmau5 on the recommendation of various folks, and it's okay...it's a lot more bouncy and energetic than most of the electronica I listen to, kind of halfway between local dubstep DJ TwoBeans and Scooter, I guess. Not bad background music; probably great music for doing MDMA and dancing your ass off in Goa. Also downloaded "Stripped" by Shiny Toy Guns and the original (I think) from Rammstein, as well as "On The Threshold Of Liberty" by Mark Isham.

I don't have a lot of interest in the NBA, and only slightly more in college hoops, but this column by Joe Posnanski struck a chord. Not being from Cleveland, I didn't take it personally when LeBron James left the Cavaliers, but I sure thought he could have showed more class and an oots more sensitivity to the city that had embraced him as their Great Hoops Hope than he actually did. In fact, when all the hooraw broke loose last summer over his much-publicized free agent signing with the Heat so he could play with his bros Bosh and Wade, I didn't pay it much mind, but now that I'm doing the weeknight linkagery for Stacy I can't help noticing that the Heat are showing massive levels of FAIL against pretty much any NBA team that can play .500 ball. This amuses me, frankly, for the same reason I enjoy seeing the Yankees get whipped during the regular season, though I'm not about to turn on the tube and enjoy the schadenfreude live and in color. I'm saving that for baseball season.
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