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That was the weekend that was

The collation went pretty well, even though Judie was still home recovering and Maetta couldn't stay on account of having to help Damon wrangle the Sunday Stribune. It was good to see prairiejeff, who is now on LJ, to say nothing of huladavid who was hosting. Sybil also showed up, which was a pleasant surprise since she doesn't get to these things much. It was a good time, and afterward a bunch of us headed off to Q. Cumbers for dinner. 'Twas a tad rushed, since David, Jeff, Jeanne and John were trying to get to the Holidazzle parade, but it was good nevertheless. After that, I went home and crashed hard. I don't know why, but I was horribly tired after dinner.

Sunday morning - I had intended to get up at 8 and do laundry but slept in until 10. Laundry got done anyway, but the time slippage meant I didn't get to the security meeting at Josh's until almost 2, and then we wound up going to dinner, over to Karl & Joella's, and back home by way of Video Universe, the Cub, and Josh's place. That took up the rest of the evening, and kept me awake until 2 AM. Ugh.

Monday was one of those days when I could have slept in until noon, come in at 2, done the work, and gone home at 4, but that's not the way flextime works. I made it through the day with a lot of coffee and a lot of long breaks, came home and went to bed early - skipped class on account of the foot, which may force me to retake the class later. *shrug* So be it.
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