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30 Day Anime Meme, Days 6 & 7

Yesterday was a scrambled mess of a day, and I barely got my daily linkagery for The Other McCain done before retiring to bed for the night.
So once again, I'm playing catch-up here; as a consolation prize, feast your eyes on this rare example of AWESOME COSPLAY found by psiten
at Katsucon this past weekend! (Second pic in post.)

Oh, that's easy. C-ko from the hideously overrated Project A-ko. C-ko is probably the best example of the bratty, obnoxious kid that the Master Race for some reason finds utterly irresistible and the rest of us want to shoot on sight. Running a close second, the rotten little kid with the chimp from Speed Racer. For all that people complain about her, Chibi-Usa isn't within light-years of these bad-genes
brats. No adult character in any of the anime I've seen even comes CLOSE to these kids, although I admit that Misaki's mother in Angelic Layer irritated me enough that I couldn't finish the series.

Kazuhiro and Kei from Jin-Roh

No, seriously...it would have to Aoi and Kaoru from Ai Yori Aoshi. I don't believe this kind of love exists in the real world (and it couldn't in America; we don't have this kind of weird and somewhat creepy family/business interrelationship here) but as an ideal of romantic, complementary love, it utterly rules. Unfortunately, it's pretty much an exception to the rule. Most of the other couples in anime are so damaged and dysfunctional it's not even remotely funny.