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30 Day Anime Meme: Days 3 & 4

Well, I did my bit for fandom by picking up onsenmark at the bus station, putting him up overnight in the burrow, and running him over to Katsucon this morning before work. Between that and sundry other domestic & foreign activities yesterday, I completely forgot to maek posts here on LJ, so I guess I'll try and get caught up...

Ehhh...I don't know that I really have one. I have favorite female characters, but all of them are the kind of people that, if I met them in real life, I would be edging away from cautiously while I scoped out the fastest path to the nearest exit. Which is to say they're all damaged girls, and while I admit to havign a white knight streak in me a mile wide, it has its limits. That having been said, I would have at least considered asking the following out on a date in my high school days.

  1. 1. Kasumi Tendo, from Ranma 1/2. The oldest and least screwed-up of the three Tendo sisters, with enough wa for an army, Kind, gentle, completely unflappable, and a great cook besides. Who knows what other wonderful things may be hiding behind her calm smile?

  2. 2. Ukyo Kuonji, from Ranma 1/2. You can't help feeling sorry for Ukyo, although much like Ranma's other fiancees, she has a complete inability to face facts and get on with her life. Obviously, no long-term relationship in store here. ;)

  3. 3. Kodachi Kuno, also from Ranma 1/2. Yes, she's a spoiled rich girl who's also batshit crazy, but she's a very SMART girl. You can imagine her getting her head straight once she's out of Nerima and attending school somewhere else, which was part of the reason she wound up as one of the main characters in my fanfic Shojo Kakumei Ukyo.

  4. 4. Wakaba Shinohara, from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Bouncy, cheerful, loyal, the very embodiment of a best friend. Too bad she was mooning over the scumball VP of the Student Council.

  5. 5. Nobody, really. Most of the other female characters in the anime I like aren't the kind of people I'd want to spend fifteen minutes with, much less an evening.

I'm coming up even more blank on this than psiten did; most of the anime I like isn't ecchi (much less hentai) and isn't the kind of thing I'd be ashamed to show other adults. Some of them aren't a good idea for kids, but that's a different issue. Nope, I have no guilty pleasures in my anime background.

On the other hand, I have a short list of anime I'm sorry I watched, because they were either pointlessly violent, gratuitously "sexy" (and I will insert here for the record that the Master Race, or at least those involved in anime production, have some very strange ideas about what is sexy), or just flat-out stupid.

  1. Miyuki-Chan In Wonderland. This remake of Alice In Wonderland by CLAMP made me think those folks might be a tad bit overrated.

  2. Gantz. If you like mindless violence, this is your show. There's lots of it.

  3. Colorful. Rated R for Retarded and also for a ton of preverted sexual content.

  4. Eiken. Rated R for Retarded. Also has some of the most enormous cartoon breasts in the history of either Japan or the U.S., some genuinely stupid plot elements, and a cast of characters that made me wish I had a shotgun, or at least a dull spoon with which to open the veins of my wrist.

  5. Gunparade March. Not as sexy or violent as the preceding four, but with enough stereotypical characters and other tropes that I regretted watching even the first episode.

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