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30 Day Anime Meme, Day 2

Well, I have some time to kill before I head off to Government & Non-Profit Accounting, so...

Favorite Anime You've Watched So Far

Well, Revolutionary Girl Utena, of course! materia_indigo introduced P and myself to this epic bout of shojo surreality in an all-night anime party at Diversicon back when I was getting back into fandom and dragging P with me. I've met a fair number of people through Utena fandom, some of whom are still my friends on LJ and elsewhere, and spent a LOT of time discussing the series. It's pretty much the only anime I won't lend out.

#2 on the list would be Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade, which is about as different from Utena as an anime can be. An alternate history retelling of Japan's largely-forgotten political struggles of the early 1960s, Oshii's dark tale of doomed romance, lethal bureaucratic infighting, and the dehumanization of people trapped in these situations hit me where I lived when I first saw it, and I can't stop watching it.

#3: All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku. It's a comedy about a cyborg cat girl who is the product and a pawn of the most heavily armed custody battle in the history of anime. The six episodes of the OVA swerve wildly back and forth between manic slapstick comedy and bittersweet pathos, and there are times when Ryuunosuke, the boy in the middle of the custody fight, seems like the only sane character in the series. Too bed neither the TV series or the "DASH!" OVA lived up to the promise of the first six episodes.

#4: Ranma 1/2. One of the great Rumiko Takahashi manga franchises, Ranma is about a Martial Arts Death Machine trapped in a romantic polygon whose sides and angles all keep changing because the title character can't make up his mind to do the right thing. Of course, being cursed to change sex whenever he's splashed with water doesn't help. For all its faults, the anime is pretty good despite the hideous oversimplification of quite a few characters. I pretty much had to stop watching the series after the first season (the only one I own) although the movies and OVA are pretty good.

#5: Full Metal Panic! Another "fish out of water" romantic comedy about a young UN soldier assigned to play bodyguard to a difficult youngl Japanese high school girl with some esoteric knowledge locked up in her head. Lots of lols as Sousuke flails around in the utterly unfamiliar environment of high school, but when the class trip to Okinawa is hijacked, he comes into his own and saves Chidori from a fate worse than death. I've been that fish, but my life hasn't had that kind of crazy drama and adventure in it. It had different drama and adventure.

And now it is time for class.
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