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Oh, God. ;_;

Ace of Spades HQ:
Pretty Horrifying: It's a 200+ page read but they're short pages and it reads, yeah, like a horror movie, except it's real, and except that there will in fact be apologists for it.

I didn't dare follow the link. The excerpts were enough to almost make me vomit, which hasn't happened since I saw the napalm scene in We Were Soldiers.

How can anyone possibly defend this? What sane person who has even a gram's worth of love for their fellow man could think this horror needed to continue, year after year? I sincerely wish all of them could be fried slowly to death, from that vile excuse for a doctor all the way up the chain to the lazy scum in the Pennsylvania state government who knew what was going on and didn't lift a finger to stop it, even after a woman died in this charnel house. Shit, I'd pedal the bicycle myself to power the electric chair.

"Safe, legal and rare" my ass. This is straight-up genocide. The only difference is that nobody's flying over the ghettos and barrios and dropping cluster bombs; they're doing it one baby at a time. Probably the best comment on this whole wretched mess, from Oldcat at AOSHQ:

They said we needed to legalize abortion to avoid dingy, dirty back alley operations that would result. Looks like we kept them anyway.

EDIT: Props to polaris93, who beat me to the punch on this.
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