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It's ALWAYS a good time to buy gold!

Well, no jury duty today. I'll call back this afternoon to see if my group gets called in tomorrow. As much as I fancy the idea of serving on a jury, I hope they don't call tomorrow, since I'm supposed to be at the tax mines and I kinda need the money.

There's been an ad running on Fox News (the default TV channel in the tax mines) for Rosland Capital featuring G. Gordon Liddy and three cartoonish, pantomime constructs: a house, a bank, and a piggy bank. We have the TV muted, and the closed captioning is hilariously sporadic. so I have no idea what the G-man is saying, but it's pretty obvious that he's talking about the collapse in value of houses, failing banks, and inflation raping your savings. As he walks by the house, bank, and finally the piggy bank, he whacks the air valve on each, and they deflate, which is pretty amusing until he gets to the piggy bank. I have the same thought every time I see the ad: poor piggy.

Related, but more hilarious:
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