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this week in the burrow

I haven't really been spending a lot of time here, really, what with working three days in the tax mines, two night classes, and doing a sub assignment tomorrow on Jackson-Lee Day. Which is good because, you know, bad for the head to hang around the apartment all day on the internets, which is inevitably what I do unless I'm eating or sleeping or tending to personal/apartment maintenance. So I haven't been posting much here or on E2. Lots of Cityville posts at FB, though. #^_^#

Managed to get a handle on the eating situation; carbs are back down where they should be, blood sugar numbers ditto, and the weight is heading down as well. Weighed in this morning at 357.4, which means I'm back below my start weight for December. It's progress, and progress is good. Pretty confident that I'll hit my goal of 350 by the end of February, if not before. I have a freezer full of meat and a few veggies, though I might run out of bacon. We'll see how it goes.

Business at the tax mines is pretty slow. We're expecting things to pick up Saturday, which will be the first day we can e-file, and I'll be spending the day in the office playing loan officer, maybe even doing some taxes, or more likely manning the front desk. Things will start picking up toward the end of the month as more people get their W-2s and come in looking for their refunds. Be interesting to see how many of them don't qualify for the new Emerald Loan which replaces last year's Refund Anticipation Loans, and how many of those slope off to Jackson-Hewitt. Me, I'm not too concerned. I have about half a dozen returns I'll be doing for friends and family, and I'll probably pick up enough simple/easy returns from the senior tax pros to keep busy.
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