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Late for solstice or early for Christmas...

...either way, I am not worthy! P gave me a Kindle and a card to fill it up with. I don't think I've been so pleased with a computer-like device since I bought Cowzilla back in 2004. I'm looking forward to unleashing the full power of this battlestationdevice next semester, since I intend to buy all my textbooks for the Kindle and not spend hundreds of dollars in the school bookstore. Especially since I can't deduct those books from my taxes. >:(

Speaking of Christmas, since I'm hanging out with the Ukrainian Catholics these days, Christmas is apparently on the Old Style calendar*, since the Mass for tomorrow is at 0930 in memoriam, and the Sunday Mass is the Sunday of the Forefathers. As best I can figure out from OrthodoxWiki, we'll actually be celebrating Christmas on January 7.

*No, not the beer.
Tags: family drama, it's a catholic thing
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