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Interesting - but does it really mean anything?

The world never ceases to amaze me. Mayor Daley's son Patrick has apparently enlisted in the Army. As a paratrooper. Of course, nothing happens in Chicago without setting off political speculation (gee, kinda like the old home town that way, aina?) so people are already thinking Patrick is being groomed for higher political office. It wouldn't be the first time the Daleys arranged for some troublesome political sort to get exiled to Washington where they couldn't do any damage to the family business, though with Patrick's history of violent behavior it's entirely possible that the Mayor may want his boy someplace where the tendency to beat the crap out of people will actually serve a useful purpose. On the other hand...maybe Patrick looked ahead at the consequences of a career in business in a town where his father calls most of the shots, and decided humping an M-16 through the hills of Afghanistan or the villes of Iraq sounded a lot more attractive. He wouldn't be the first guy with a master's degree to put on a private's uniform and head off to war.

If you want to be totally cynical, of course, you can always look at this as a resume builder for an eventual run at the Presidency...maybe with the smarter Bush twin as his bride? Stranger things have happened in American politics.
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