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It could have been worse.

I could have been attending school in Pyongyang.

*sigh* I passed the H&R Block tax preparation class, but failed the final by two points, mostly on questions about best filing status/dependents/EIC that the tax prep software answers for you. So...I dunno. I gather there's another exam I can take which is actually harder, or I can just pack it in, resign myself to spending this tax season as a CSP, and do the tax course again in the fall. Long term, it doesn't matter that much since it doesn't count towards my CPA, but I was looking forward to doing some taxes at Block for several people, which is now very unlikely. Welp.

Took the final for Small Business Accounting Monday, need to finish and submit the QuickBooks project today. Pretty sure I'm passing that class, as well as Intermediate Accounting, whose final was last night, but then I was pretty confident I was going to blow the tax prep final out of the water too. Tomorrow night is the final for Cost Accounting, and unless I have a complete brain fart on that one, which I won't, I'll pass that course too. The online courses, on the other hand, are lost causes. The instructors for Business Law and Government/Non-Profit Accounting didn't bother responding to my e-mails about getting more time to turn in work, and I didn't even bother asking the Statistics instructor, since I'd barely started that class. I'll retake the G/NPA course in the spring as a regular once a week sit-down course at Alexandria, because I do need it for the CPA and I want to know that stuff anyway.

What killed me in the online courses was an inability to focus. Between Thunderbird and Facebook, I was spending way too much time being distracted by shiny crap on the internet instead of working on course materials, and I really can't afford that. On the other hand, I can't just take 4-5 courses a week and work full-time/attend a CPA prep course (same thing, really, in terms of time commitment) so I need to learn to manage my ADD tendencies online better. Which means staying off Facebook and Thunderbird when I'm trying to do online courses. It's too late for that to do me much good now, but we'll see how it works in the spring.

Got a few pounds of books and some pounds in my gut as well at the PRSFS December meeting; the books are on the back burner while school is on, and I'm treating the weight as a secondary issue while I beat my blood sugar back into line. We'll see how that goes. I seem to be hung up around 360 pounds, but then I haven't been doing a good job of portion control, and I do need to do that in addition to the carb control if I'm going to make progress. Legs seem to be continuing to heal, so at least there's that going for me.
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