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long week ahead

So. Two finals tomorrow, one in the H&R Block course and one in Small Business Accounting. Another final on Tuesday, in Intermediate Accounting. Another on Thursday in Cost Accounting. And the week ends with therevdrnye's funeral. In between, I need to study, take some more unit tests in Business Law and Government/Non-Profit Accounting, and submit papers for Business Law as well; I also need to get my advisor's approval for an English class I'm planning on taking next semester, since apparently my certificate requires a token obeisance to the humanities. Going to be busy, busy, busy.

Think I'll get an early start on it by lulling myself to sleep with a review of questions from the H&R Block workbook. Between that and the nose hose, I should get a solid eight hours' sleep before rising tomorrow morning and wake up ready to slam dunk the tax prep final. We'll see how that plan works.
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