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Sic transit gloria Monday, and Tuesday's not lookin' too hot either

Yesterday started off badly. Any morning when you wake up with your foot throbbing painfully is not a good morning, and especially when the pain persists through doses of Tylenol and ibuprofen. It hurts putting socks on, it hurt putting shoes on, it hurt a lot to walk on it. This is not the way it was supposed to feel after ten days of antibiotics and foot soaks, though I had been somewhat of a slacker on the soaking. Got an appointment with the family doctor, who changed the antibiotic, informed me that I had what's effectively an abscess in my foot, and told me to call a podiatrist and have the offending toenail removed stat.

So of course I go out to the truck and discover that I'd left my cell phone at work. *sigh*

Dinner consisted of a couple of overpriced Chuckwagon sandwiches at the college's bookstore after I finished hammering out my assessment assignment; this morning I'll be going in to the middle school to do a couple of hours of observations for another assignment and then toddling off to work. Hopefully I can get hold of the podiatrist and get wedged in this week. We'll see.
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