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Today's hilarity from the LC thread

The Low Carb Megathread 2: Shut the fuck up about Ketostix! - The Something Awful Forums:
Frik posted:

"Something that's really bringing me down, however, is my father. I live with him while I'm going to school, and he won't stop telling me how dangerous this is. Last night was the worst as he brought me to tears telling me that I am poorly informed and know nothing about ketosis, that my kidneys are going to fail, I'm going to get stomach cancer, ulcers, and high cholesterol, and then proceeded to list everyone in our family that has ever had high cholesterol. My step-mother chimed in, saying I could easily follow a healthy diet instead. It baffles me because my father is double my size, and my step-mother is nearly the same size as me, and they eat sticky buns, cakes, cookies, chips, pizza, etc. Everything I say is invalid, because apparently WebMD.com is the keeper of all knowledge."

MomJeans420 replied:
"The trick is make sure to buy your father lots of carb and sugar heavy items now, like doughnuts. Then wait 10-20 years for him to get type II diabetes and have his feet amputated, and you can make him acknowledge that he guessed wrong on the diet question before you'll bring him his food, or help him go to the bathroom."

"I like this advice a little too much. "
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