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it's only a paper moon

Went to visit therevdrnye yesterday afternoon in the hospital and spent several hours there talking about music, SF and stuff like that. His O2 levels are up and CO2 levels down, apparently, since he's been moved out of the ICU up to the telemetry ward, and seems to be tracking pretty well. Considering he's subject to the vitals check every four hours, he's not getting big solid blocks of restful sleep, but then again the odds are pretty good that he's going to live through this. Life's full of trade-offs.

Headed down to Famous Dave's in Alexandria on Route 1 to cash in birthday coupon, ate a slab of (naked) ribs, went home with sampler platter. After doing stuff online, I was about to go to bed when P I.M.'d me and wanted to know if I wanted to do breakfast at the Paper Moon in Baltimore. Not having been there before, I said yes, and set 9 AM as the meetup time. Which would have worked fine if I'd gotten a decent night's sleep, but unfortunately my right leg woke me up at 0400 itching like the tortures of the damned, and wouldn't quiet down until I'd re-bandaged it and taken a couple of Benadryl. So I got about five hours of sleep in two chunks, got up and headed out on a cup of strong coffee. About two hours later, filled with rage at the state of Maryland, its drivers, the city of Baltimore, and humanity in general, I got to the Paper Moon. Breakfast followed, and while the havarti/avocado/bacon omelet was exceptional, the coffee tasted like ass. We therefore decamped to a coffee place near Baltimore's art college which had what I needed, after which P and her friend Page decamped to do bra shopping and I headed home in a semi-catatonic state.

Got home, vegged out, missed the small business class on account of leaving my phone in the bedroom with my pants, ate dinner and am typing this up before heading for an early bedtime, which I richly deserve. Tomorrow's going to be busy, and it makes me even more tired just thinking about it.
Tags: family drama, food, friends
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