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An afternoon in the hospital

No, not me; I'm in -well, not disgustingly good, but decent- health at the moment. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of therevdrnye, whose water retention problem got way out of hand over the weekend and is now in the ICU at Washington Adventist Hospital. I daresay he'll make it out of there, but he's got some serious medical issues and no good way of dealing with them on his own. They had him strapped into a CPAP mask when I got there, and he wasn't tracking real well, but after they took that off, sat him up, and put an O2 cannula up his nose, he sharpened up pretty quick. The nurse complained to me that he hadn't said hardly a word to anyone until I showed up, at which point we had a rather lengthy conversation, mostly about medical stuff.

I left a little before 1800 and fought my home from Takoma Park through DC; traffic wasn't quite as bad as GoogleMaps would have had me believe, but it wasn't much fun, either. Time to slap some dinner together and work on some accounting stuff.
Tags: friends, medical stuff
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