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Hey, God. Thanks.

I subscribe to an e-mail newsletter that's fairly conservative socially and fiscally, and around this time of year their newsletter reminds subscribers that Thanksgiving does in fact have a religious basis and goes back to the days of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Anyone with a decent grounding in American history knows that already, but it never hurts to get the reminder - and it does make me think.

Deep thoughts - well, maybe not so deep - follow.

I've been pretty damn fortunate. I've come through an injury and a couple of bouts of illness that in most of the world would have left me permanently crippled or dead. I have friends and acquaintances on both sides of the political fence who are getting on with their lives, neither gloating nor whining about moving to Canada. I have an okay job working with some decent folks, even if the middle management sucks. I'm living fairly comfortably in a decent part of town where I don't get kept awake by drunks, druggies, or dope dealers and their gunplay. I have more friends than I did a couple of years ago. I have kids who love me. I was born in the USA and not in some Fifth World shitpile like North Korea, and I'm free to attend church or not - it's strictly between me and the Lord. Life could be a lot worse.