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Great cowpunk band or greatest cowpunk band?*

"Someday, Jason & The Scorchers may play a mediocre set. But it won’t be in this lifetime.”

It sure as hell wasn't last night, either. It was one of those incredible nights where the house was packed with fans who knew the band, and the band fed off the crowd's energy, and the crowd got fired up by the band, and it was all just one big synergistic ball of LOUD AWESOME SRS BIDNESS HAPPY COWPUNK except for the handful of songs that were more laid back and quiet, such as Jason's solo acoustic rendition of "Take Me To Your Promised Land ", which he dedicated to all those buried in the Family Plot. I am not ashamed to say it moved me to tears, even though I hate most acoustic versions of rock tunes. Two great sets of music, about half being songs off the new Halcyon Days CD and half being classic tunes from their extensive discography, not to mention a four-song set in the middle by the fabulous Stacie Collins.

Quite aside from being Scorchers bass player Al Collins' wife, Stacie rocks it and rocks it hard, riding that fine line between sexy and trashy while putting 220% of herself into the music. Hair flying, harmonica wailing, she's like the blue-eyed country-raised twin sister of Eliza Dushku up there on stage. At first I thought she was a roadie for the Scorchers or something, but she did a sound check with the Scorchers about an hour before Jason showed up -when there were about five people in the place besides me, the bartenders and Desmond the sound guy- and ripped the shit out of this song:

at which point I sat up and started paying attention. The clip doesn't really do her justice; whoever is playing guitar there doesn't have 10% of Warner Hodges' energy (but then damn few guitar players do) and the crowd isn't as fired up as they were last night. Still, she's as close as music gets to a female version of Jason & The Scorchers, and you really ought to check out her debut CD, The Lucky Spot. Good stuff.

So...I didn't get home until about 0300, but it was worth it. Oh, so worth it.

*answer is, of course, HELL YEAH

Edited for missing pronoun and increased awesomeness.
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