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IIRC, this ultimately turned out badly for Mirror Earth.

Pajamas Media » 2010: Dawn of the Terran Empire?:
Remember that episode of Star Trek (original series) where Captain Kirk, Scotty, Dr. McCoy, and Lt. Uhura accidentally transported into a parallel universe which was an eerie mirror image of the real world? The Federation was an evil “Terran Empire.” Star Fleet officers moved up not by merit, but by assassinating their superiors. And mirror-universe Spock wore a cool goatee.

More proof that fandom won the culture war: A Denver doctor has no compunction about leading off a somewhat serious essay on politics with an extended Star Trek: TOS reference. Jonah Goldberg, call your office, I think your shtick has been copylefted. :)
Tags: culture & politics, laffo, the bush of fandom
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