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Behind The Sun

I find out about music in strange ways. Sometimes I find cool new music because other people are playing it on their iPods. For a while I was finding neat stuff on Pandora, but I got tired of my station being confused about whether it was supposed to be playing heavy metal or electronica. Then there's the ongoing project of reconstructing the humongous record collection I had between 1976 and 1983, one MP3 download at a time. (You never know what's going to crawl out of your memory.)

The most recent addition to the collection is Chicane's Behind the Sun, which I discovered completely by accident while reading James Lileks' Bleat. The vocals sounded eerily familiar, and after a little research on the intertubes it turned out the singer was Justine Suissa, who also did the vocals for Oceanlab's Sirens Of The Sea Remixed, which contains the devastating "Satellite" - a track I first heard on one of Aaron Static's Power Hours. So you might say I was compelled to buy the CD by a unique combination of Goonfleet and Minnesota humor, though it was Suissa's voice that put the hook in.

But enough blubbering about what may be the finest female vocalist since Megumi Hayashibara, for what my opinion is worth. Behind the Sun is a wonderful combination of danceable electronica, which you'll definitely like if that's the kind of music you like. Which I do.
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