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Okay, this is hilarious.

'Ingrid of the Jungle': the wacky comic version of Betancourt's story | The Observers:
What if Ingrid Betancourt had travelled to the Colombian jungle after agreeing to a fake high-profile kidnapping? What if Nicolas Sarkozy had orchestrated her rescue to boost his popularity ratings and to settle an old score with former primer minister Dominique de Villepin?

Just as Franco-Colombian politician and former FARC hostage Ingrid Betancourt launches her memoirs, Even Silence Has an End, a whole different version of her story is also hitting bookstores in France. Ingrid de la Jungle (Ingrid of the Jungle), a comic book written by French writers Serge Scotto and Eric Stoffel, and illustrator Richard di Martino, is a highly politically incorrect take on Betancourt's captivity and its political implications in France.

Usually I blow off 90% of what shows up in my inbox from France 24, but once in a while they deliver some amazing (or at least interesting) stuff. I wonder when someone will get around to doing this for that lying popinjay Rigoberta Menchu.
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