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I know what you mean, James. I know exactly what you mean.

The Bleat.:
So. This is a job. Paring photos out of the iPhoto is a job. Arranging all the movies we take because cameras got small then smaller then slipped inside your telephone: a job. I spend a little time on this each day – not much, but a little, and it’s relaxing. I want my tombstone to read “EVERYTHING HAD TAGS.”

Better than “Loving Husband and Father [citation needed]”

As someone who is currently struggling to impose order on his own enormous library of books, music, videos, wargames, etc., I completely understand what he's talking about. That goes for the hamster, too. RTWT. You should read the Bleat every day, in fact. Like your morning multivitamin, it'll do you good.
Tags: culture w/o politics
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