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My first fleet op

So tonight after training Wing Commander 3, I ran what was supposed to be a training op for inexperienced EW folks. Instead, we started off with just two EW boats: a Blackbird and my own Kitsune, which is an overly expensive EW frigate that jams further than it can actually target things. :facepalm: Most of the people were newbee tacklers, who were confused by my promoting the op as a nEWbee op, but it worked out okay. I got practice as an FC, nobody got killed, I did a little teaching about tackling and EW, and we shot up a bunch of rats on gates so everyone went home a little richer. Brought everyone home safe, too :)

I told folks I'd be doing this again a week from Sunday and to be ready with target painters on their tackling Vigils if they couldn't pilot a Bellicose; while the Rifter is once and future tackling backbone of Goonwaffe, the Vigil is faster and gets target painting bonuses, which makes it easier to kill small fast things. Everybody seemed happy with the job I did as FC, so that was good too.
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