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Took you long enough, cabron.

Castro's Confession - IBD - Investors.com:
The Left: Fidel Castro stunned the world this week by admitting socialism had failed in Cuba. The implication of the dictator's statement is unclear, but one thing isn't: Castro's sycophants have some explaining to do.

Castro, now 84 and semi-retired, made a surprisingly lucid admission about how 52 years of communist dictatorship have ruined his country. "The Cuban model doesn't even work for us anymore," he casually told the Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg, a reporter he summoned to Havana to tell him his thoughts.

Congratulations, you leftist pendejos. You've been sucking up to this murderous jerk for half a century now, and even he admits the "revolution" was a miserable failure. Who will your cult of personality fasten on now? The inept, bombastic Chavez, in Venezuela? The dictatorial Kims of North Korea, who seem hell-bent on starving their over-militarized country to death? Schadenfreude, bitches. I HAS IT. And it tastes almost as good as Mom's chili.
Tags: foreign policy wankery, history
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