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Thursday is the new Friday

Well, I was supposed to do a bunch of stuff yesterday but got distracted by various things, and spent the evening entering ISBN numbers into LibraryThing, which was recommended to me by danae, among others, back in Minnesota. It may pay off for me, since I am finding a number of duplicate books and stuff I acquired from God knows where that I just don't want around any more. So far I've dealt with the contents of one and a half of my Ikea 6' bookshelves, which is 264 books, and I'm hoping to get over 300 before I hit the rack tonight after the cost accounting class.
Along with the cataloging, I'm also trying to sort the books out so that I at least have all the books by David Drake, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, etc. together in the same place.

The H&R Block classes are easy for now, but I'm going to have to buckle down and get busy with those as well or I'm going to be in trouble real quick, much like my online classes. I have time blocked out for all these things and need to start sticking to the schedule.

After idling between 366 and 368 pounds for about a week, my metabolism got back into gear and dumped four pounds in the last couple of days. Doing my best to keep the carbs down, the fat & protein up.
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