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Labor Day 2010: Steaks on a Mountain

So P and I went forth to Skyline Drive, stopping en route at our favorite Sheetz for fuel, fluids and pork rinds; we also stopped at Front Royal's Walmart for cooking gear and MEAT. We probably should have gotten some other stuff, like plates and forks, but what the hell; we're both tactical, we had knives and stuff to flip the meat with, right?

Well, pretty much. We lit the bag (blessings on Kingswood for coming up with the Barbeque in a Bag, which is truly awesome), grilled the steaks, grilled the beer brats, butterflied the brats to make sure the insides cooked, and then did the same with the Italian 4-cheese sausages, but by then we were pretty full so only a couple of them got eaten. Welp. We had already eaten a pound and a half of meat at that point, after all, even if we were both ravenous by the time the steaks hit the grill.

Skyline Drive is pretty awesome this time of year, and the back country along route 55 isn't bad either. We're going to have to do this again before it gets too cold/icy/snowy.
Tags: family drama, food

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