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Another Sunday (with a different Eastern Rite church)

On the recommendation of Holy Trinity's pastor, I'm trying a different parish today, Epiphany of Our Lord in Annandale. He said that it was Ruthenian, as opposed to Holy Trinity which is Ukrainian, but I'm not sure the difference is really pertinent unless you're an old and bitter Slavic Catholic type, as Wikipedia hints of historical/political hoo-ha relating to the messy history of Poland and Ukraine. Me being a Southern Catholic Black Irish redneck Jew, none of that really matters to me. The big question is whether they do the liturgy in Ukrainian or English or some other language, and whether it's another mega-church like Blessed Sacrament. If it is, then I'm going to commit to the weekly hegira to the other end of the Washington suburbs and continue to hone my miserable Ukrainian skills. If not, well, it still feels a little slothful to only be driving ten miles to Mass.

Thanks to Smitty for the quote and link in today's Rule 5 post, which by the way I recommend to all my Loyal Readers who like them some cheesecake. Or beefcake, if that's how your tastes run. Anyway, if you're dropping by here from The Other McCain for the first time, come on in and have a look around. This is mostly a personal LJ, though I do pop off about books (mostly SF and history), the occasional movie, and other cultural stuff like wargames and music. I also have the occasional opinion about foreign policy, the military, and why you rotten little kids need to get the hell off my lawn life in God's Country. Use the tags, feel free to leave comments, but be aware that anonymous comments are moderated thanks to an influx of spammers, /b/tards, and other idiots a while back, so leaving your name or some other identifier in your comment will increase the chance of said comment actually being posted and/or replied to.

Time for me to scarf up some quick breakfast-like foods and head off to Mass.
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