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for the record

Meant to post this yesterday but was distracted by The Operational Art of War*, so here it is today.

September started with an okay BG reading and a lackluster 367 weight, which is only 2 pounds and a few ounces off the 369.4 pounds I started August with. I think a big part of my problem is that I don't have, or haven't settled into, a routine for the fall semester yet, and I need to impose one pretty damn quick if I want to keep the BG in the range where it should be and keep the weight coming off. I also need that routine to help keep me on track with the three online classes I'm taking this semester and the one I still have left over from the summer, because if I can't get into a routine where I'm knocking those classes out on a steady basis, I'm screwed. Most of the business classes I'm taking for the CPA are offered online, and they aren't that damn hard, but I need to resist the temptation to slack off and wait for the deadlines to come around before I devote any effort to a desperate blitz. That'll work, most of the time...maybe. I'm not in a position where I can afford to fail, though. I have a year to blow through the CSC program plus the additional business classes before taking the Kaplan CPA test prep course next fall and sitting for the exam immediately afterward. There is no margin for error and no option to fail and retry, since unemployment won't last forever.

But I digress...generally speaking, my health is good. The leg wounds are continuing to heal, although there's no way they'll be sufficiently scabbed over by the time the pools close this next week. Most days, I can keep the carb intake between 30 and 50 grams, which is where I want it to be, even if some of my friends and compatriots are pushing me to shoot for zero carbs/day. Intellectually I know it's doable, but there are some things I'm not willing to stop doing since I can still do them within a 30-50g carb budget. If I remain stuck at this weight level, I may not have a choice, but we'll see how it works out.

*I am, once again, trying to shoehorn Invasion America into a system not really intended for that sort of thing.
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