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pretty good for a Monday

Big news of the day is that the Toaster passed its emission control test today, which means that not only could I renew the tags, but I don't need to replace the exhaust system. W00t! Almost as important, Financial Aid at NVCC finally approved my file for processing, which means I ought to get my tuition bills paid sometime in September and get the rest of the money in October, if this summer was any guide. Maybe it'll be faster because this is fall semester and they have all hands on deck. We'll see how that goes.

That took up enough of the day after I did lunch with P at Malibu (nothing better for the low-carb diet than massive quantities of MEAT ON SWORDS) that I barely had time to get pork rinds before accounting class; Small Business Accounting so far is pretty much the same as Computerized Accounting from last semester except that this instructor doesn't go step by freaking step through the PowerPoint slides. In fact, he doesn't use PowerPoint, and let us out at 1800 after starting at 1630. I like this guy. :)

Finally, one of the local hospitals sent me a mailer which is mostly about women's health issues and contains an invitation to a "Ladies for Life" event which will include the opportunity to have a breast cancer assessment/screening and schedule a mammogram. Yeeeaaaah. I think I can find something better to do the weekend before my birthday, thanks. :cripes: In other, less hilarious medical news, my blood sugar continues in the good range because I'm doing a pretty good job of keeping carbs out of my piehole. Update on the fat, or lack thereof, on Wednesday when it'll be September.
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