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Homebody Saturday

I had thought about going out today for another long walk, since last night's walkabout in downtown DC with smitty1e and Tom the Editor didn't kill me or even leave me groaning and incapacitated this morning, but I slept in and decided not to head downtown for the Restoring Honor rally, about half of which I watched on Facebook. It seems that was a wise decision, given the immense turnout.

Instead I stayed at home, futzed around with different stuff on the internets, started a piece on Libertarians which I decided to let simmer a while instead, and eventually decided to make chili, since I hadn't had that variety of comfort food in a while. No beans, of course; I'm too lazy to fix them from scratch, and the canned beans all have sugar added. It turned out okay, and the low-carb tortillas from La Banderita were excellent stand-ins for their usual soft versions, which have five times the carbs of their low-carb version. Add in Harris-Teeter's 4-cheese Mexican blend shredded cheese and a couple slices avocado, and the result was tasty goodness without bending or breaking the diet. I also made the We All Scream for Ice Cream recommended on the Something Awful low-carb megathread yesterday. Even though I screwed up by using whipping cream instead of heavy cream (they're not the same! Who knew?) it turned out well, just had more carbs in it than I wanted.

Going to go to bed early tonight, since I want to eat breakfast & leave early so I can arrive on time for mass at Holy Trinity, which is on the other side of DC. :(
Tags: culture & politics, domestic stuff, food

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