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I think we've won. Again.

Leadership: Chinese General Declares Democracy The Ultimate Weapon:
Liu is a special kind of officer. He's a political officer, a job invented by the Russians during the Soviet period. The political officer is assigned to units from company size on up, and is second in command of the unit. The political officer is responsible for the political loyalty of all the officers and troops in the unit.

When even the commissars are saying the system is broken, is the CCP pragmatic enough to listen? If so, they'll be the first ones. Ever. RTWT. (Ace)


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Aug. 29th, 2010 03:04 am (UTC)
I enthusiastically endorse this concept, to say nothing of this book.
It is worth noting that in two successive world wars, we built vast fleets of ships, an enormous army (to say nothing of quadrupling the size of the Marine Corps), and two gigantic air forces (one for the Army and one for the Navy) from a very tiny cadre of full-time officers and men, and a National Guard/Naval Militia force that wasn't all that much bigger.

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