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Today's low-carb hilarity

The Low Carb Megathread 2: Shut the f**k up about Ketostix! - The Something Awful Forums:
Sizzlechest posted:
Guys, I have a science question. I heard the bomb dropped over Hiroshima had 60kg of fuel, but it released between 54 and 75 TJ of energy. There's no way 60kg of uranium could have that many calories. Hell, I don't think there's 60kg of ANYTHING that's burned will give 54 TJ of energy. What gives?

Delta-Wye replied:
The manufacturer added HFCS to the uranium - that shit is in everything. The resulting insulin spiked killed over 100000 of the glorious nippon-jin :(

EDIT: I put 60kg of uranium into this bomb calorimeter, and all I got was this smoking ruins of a once bustling city Please halp! :(

*dies laughing*