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All the social activity I can stand

Given that the Cephalexin is doing a great imitation of Dracula and sucking out all my energy, my goal yesterday afternoon was to get home from work without killing myself and spend a long evening in bed, preferably asleep.

So of course I wound up over at Josh's place watching Versus, having been lured there by the promise of Drawn Together (horrible, just horrible, I'm going to have to buy the DVD) and Aqua Teen Hunger Force along with some professional wrestling. Well, one out of three was okay, though I could have done without Squidbillies. Versus is a pretty cool movie, very much a Joe Bob Briggs kind of flick with much sword-fu, gun-fu, kung-fu, gallons of blood and a small army of zombies. Worth seeing, definitely.

Anyhow, that kept me up way past my bedtime, but I managed to drag myself out of bed and get to the courthouse to take care of the overdue registration on the truck. No more activity for me, though; going to curl up with a warm laptop and watch anime between bouts of drowsing.
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