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Further down the slope

Well, over the last thirty days I've gone from 376 to 367, with some dips and bumps along the way, and in general I've been doing pretty well at sticking to the low-carb regime. I'm probably going to have to tweak things a bit as I get closer to the target weight of 250, since if I remember correctly all my calorie/fat/protein/carb targets are based on a weight of 300, and obviously that won't work if I want to get down to around 225.

For those of you scoring at home, this means I've lost 35 pounds since getting serious about this diet at the beginning of April, and 58 pounds off my peak weight of 425. Not bad for a diet that allows me to eat all the tasty bacon I want. :)

Going forward...I need to give up on low-fat yogurt. The best of it is still 15g per eight-ounce serving, and the worst of it (Yoplait; doesn't matter if it's just light or Light & Creamy) is 20g for a six-ounce serving. Harris Teeter doesn't stock full-fat yogurt, at least not at my local store, and I suspect the places that do carry it are going to want an arm and a leg for it. Which is just as well, really...I ought to be eating more eggs & meat for breakfast anyway and not screw around with old habits. Because those habits are what got me into trouble, after all.
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